Video is an extremely popular medium, and there are many different types, from product demo videos to advertisements to instructional videos. Video editing involves using software to assemble footage, remove extraneous scenes, and sync up the action with the audio. Other examples of the possibilities are: having video testimonials of your customers, explaining your product or service, or simply promoting your company to drive sales.

Three Lee Films is here to help you drive traffic you your social media pages, your website, and even your brick and mortar store. I can help you create a high-impact video for your company. Add music, visual effects, and text to video that you can post on social media like Instagram or Facebook, YouTube, or even your own website.

Three Lee Films can provide the latest in video editing on a budget and no job is too small. We currently specialize in promotional videos for social media (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook), place your order today or contact use for a custom quote.